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Kiwi Gardener Quarterly - Growing Fruit

Growing Fruit covers everything you need to know about growing fruit in your garden – from pears and peaches to citrus, figs and berries. In this special issue we share plenty of tips on caring for your fruit every season, choosing the varieties that will thrive in your growing region and planning for a year-round fruit harvest.


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In this issue, we turn our attention to exploring all you need to know about growing fruit in New Zealand so you can sprinkle this magic throughout your garden. Starting with some seasonal fruit care tips, before taking you on a tour through the many types of fruit you might like to plant, from stone fruit and pip fruit through to berries, citrus fruit and tropical fruit, among others. We even have a few garden design suggestions in case you’re interested in growing an edible fruit hedge. Harvesting fruit is the welcome reward at the end of the growing journey, so it is a treat to share two delicious, fruit-focused recipes from Hana Kirk that you can make using your garden’s bounty. If you have a glut of fruit, turn to our preserving guide to ensure your fruit harvest goes further. And if you’re impatient for your first crop, we recommend some fruit you can introduce to your garden that will give you a speedy first harvest.