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Kiwi Gardener Quarterly - Plant for your Location

Loaded with practical advice on how to get it right when choosing plants, design a garden you’ll love and fully enjoy the fruits of your labours!


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This edition of Kiwi Gardener Quarterly Special focuses on helping you get to know your growing location – the area you garden in, the soil you grow in and the plants that love to live there. It starts with understanding the growing conditions around the country – from the subtropical north to the mountains in the south – and considering what you can do to make the best of the land you live on, whether wet or dry, exposed or in the shade. With the power of this knowledge, you can then start planning your garden, considering the plants that will enjoy your soil and climate, and looking for design ideas from afar. Finally, remember to take the time for a mindful wander through your growing space, enjoying the fruits of your labour as you go.